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Denas application in complex conservative
therapy of osteoporosis

Ignatiev A.M. , Batsulya L.A.

Odessa State Medical University

Odessa, Ukraine

Application of multifunctional devices DiaDens is not a very widespread method of therapy in orthopaedic and trauma hospitals. Method of dynamic electro stimulation (DENAS) promotes improvement of the adaptation reaction and develops self-regulating body capabilities.

Purpose of the research: to study possibilities of DENAS application in complex conservative therapy of osteoporosis.

Research materials and methods.

65 women in the age from 35 to 49 working in difficult industrial environments were under examination. Average age of patients was 44.3±2.5 years. All patients were divided into 3 groups: 1st group consisting of 20 women had a traditional osteotrophic therapy (Vitrum calcium D3, calcitonin, artron-complex); 2nd group consisting of 35 women had a complex therapy including DENS; 3rd control group consisted of 10 women with normal indexes of mineral density of the bone tissue. All groups correlated by age and clinicoroentgenological picture of disease activity. The examined patients did not take preparations influencing metabolism of the bone tissue before. They did not have diseases of the thyroid gland, kidneys, pancreatic diabetes. The patients had main complaints about pains in the back and large joints, weakness and so on.

Clinical and functional manifestation of osteopenia and osteoporosis were assessed before the therapy course and after 6 and 12 months. Mineral density of the bone tissue (MDBT) was analysed by the method of ultrasonic densitometry with help of the densitometer Achilles-express (Lunar, USA).

DiaDens device was applied for procedures of dynamic electro stimulation. For electrodes disposition we followed the general layouts proposed by J.S. MaiLnheimer (1978). adjusting them to certain clinical manifestations of the disease.

Results of researches. Improvement of the state of health was noted by all patients of the 1st and 2nd group by the end of the first month of therapy. The pains and general weakness were reduced which contributed to expansion of the motor activities, sleep normalization and improvement of the mood. In the 1 st group after 6 months, pains were reduced in 5 patients, 14 women noted periodical pains in the back and large joints. After 6 months, stiffness index increased by 2 % (p>0.5), after 12 months - by 3.5 % (p<0.05). In the 2nd group after 6 months, general weakness and effects of asthenoneurotic syndrome were reduced. Acute pains were absent. After 6 months, stiffness index increased by 4.5 % (pO.OS), after 12 months - by 6 % (p<0.05). In the 3rd group after 6 months, stiffness index decreased by 1.5 % (p>0.5), and after 12 months - by 2 % (p>0.5).

Improvement of women's state of health and positive dynamics in increasing of the mineral density of the bone tissue registered in the 2nd group are the evidence of a positive result of complex therapy, improvement of the bone "quality". Patients of the 1st group had a positive dynamics of therapy, but no significant changes in the quality of life were registered. In the 3rd group, reduction of bone tissue "quality" and patients' state of health was registered as affected by exogenous and endogenous factors. Biochemical indexes of bone metabolism correlated with indexes of mineral density of the bone tissue.


Thus, dynamic electro stimulation enables to increase efficiency of complex therapy of osteoporosis, has a pronounced analgesic effect, and almost has no contraindications and is worthwhile for application at orthopaedic and traumatology institutions.

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