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-  You are at least 18 years old;

-  The personal details you give us are accurate;

-  You accept the terms and conditions, listed at

Please note:

- Package will be shipped by Express post service during the next two working day after payment. You will receive the tracking number for checking online your package.  Expected delivery period for Greece is  5 days.

- Warranty period for Denas-Osteo-2, Denas-PCM-6 and Denas-Vertebra-2 is 12 months. Before shipping we turn on every ordered item and check it for proper function. You have right to return the items if they are defective or do not match the description. You will receive a full money back.

-  You will receive materials about Denas therapy in English for free of charge.

- The billing currency is US$ (USD)/RUB (Russian Rubles). You can pay in any currency of your card,  Visa/MasterCard will automatically  convert the total due for payment according the official rate of exchange.

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- The payment fee is 0 USD/RUB.

- Some banks require customer's confirmation of the transaction via phone. For this you need to contact your bank.


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