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Note for buyer:

1. This invoice was generated according your order at

2. The fee for payment is 0 USD / 0 RUB.

3. The billing currency is Russian Rubles (RUB). Your card will not be charged more than 731.00 USD. You can pay in the currency of your card,  Visa/MasterCard will automatically  convert the total due for payment according the official rate of exchange.

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4. If your card is enrolled in 3D Secure system "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode", you will be redirected to your bank's webpage, where you need to type in 3D Secure password for confirmation of your payment. Your payment will not be accepted without this confirmation. Also you will see the name of store: "PayU" which is receiver of funds on behalf and upon of authorisation of Denas Store

5. You can ask us about payment process  online at Denas Store in online chat below or leave the message.


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