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Denas application for therapy of optic atrophy

Rryabtseva A.A., Belova T.V., Khomyakova E.N.

Moniki named after vladimirskiy

Moscow, Russia

At present, search for efficient methods of healing diseases of the organ of vision resulting in irreversible changes of visual functions till its total loss is among most topical issues in ophthalmology. Diseases of the optic nerve occupy one of the highly important places in ophthalmology and are one of the main causes of blindness and impaired vision.

Purpose of the research: to examine therapeutic efficiency of the method of dynamic electro therapy (DENAS) in prevention and therapy of optic atrophy of different etiology. DENAS was applied based on exposure of reflexogenic zones and acupuncture points in the paraorbital region with short bipolar current impulses of different frequency, form of which changes depending on the values of electrical impedance of tissues in the subelectrode zone. The principle of "biological feedback" is used.

Dynamic electrotherapy of the paraorbital zone was carried out with the DENAS device with external paraorbital electrode "Dens-glasses". Duration of therapy for each zone and the procedure as a whole was determined in compliance with indications for therapy. Duration of impulse series was from 0.3 to 5.5 seconds. Impulse frequency- 10 Hz. Duration of one stimulation procedure was 3-7 minutes. therapy course included 10 procedures of electrotherapy.

94 patients in the age from 15 to 87 years were examined. Of them, 80 patients had complex drug and DENAS therapy. 14 patients  were included into the control group, which had only pharmacotherapy. For assessment of therapy efficiency, functional and hypotensive results were taken into account.

After the therapy course, a positive effect was registered in all patients. Basic changes occurred in the peripheral visual field: it expanded in 73% of patients in total from 256±15.6 to 306±11.7 degrees (P<0.05). Reduction of the size of central and peripheric scotomas, which is the evidence of partial restoration of conductivity of optic nerve fibers and the retina, was registered. Central visual acuity after therapy increased in 38% of patients on average from 0.67±0.03 to 0.73±0.02 (P>0.05). Electro-oculogram (EOG) and electroretinogram (ERG) clearly showed the tendency toward improvement of metabolic processes. EOG displayed increased Arden coefficient to the normal values. EGR displayed increased "a"-wave amplitude from 35.5±2.30 to 59.2±3.96 mcV (P<0.05).

After comparative analysis of clinical and functional eye indexes, the most positive effect was registered in patients who had DENAS exposure in addition to traditional therapy in the complex therapy. The best results were registered in patients with vascular and inflammatory pathology of the optic nerve.

therapy of optic atrophy, pathology of the optic nerve