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Denas energy therapy in extreme situations

Any extreme situation requires of the participants efficiency and skill to render emergency  aid. For everyone who lives an active life and goes in for sports. It Is important to receive a quick and quality result and have independence in decision-making. It is recommended for such people to make use of the DENAS device right after the injury to receive a quick recovery and be able to set up new records.

Pain in the muscles, overstrain as a result of physical training, physical loads. The right and left zones along the vertebral column, the projection of the muscle pain are healed within the permanent mode. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes. It can be combined with classical massage. The device relieves the pain and spasm, providing for the elasticity of the muscles and making the massage easier.

Injury of soft tissues, hematoma. Within the permanent mode at the possible maximum energy level the device is moved along the injured area to cup off the pain, edema, reddening. The duration of the procedure is from several minutes to one hour depending on the injury. The sooner the DENAS energy therapy is applied, the quicker the recovery comes.

Burn, frostbite. Within the permanent mode at the minimal energy level the device is carefully replaced in the desired zone (avoid pressing and moving sharply). The total duration is until pain relief. The procedure can be repeated during the day, if necessary. The result of therapy is full recovery of the injured skin area (regeneration).

Bleeding (injury, cut). Put together the edges of the wound and apply electrodes. The mode is permanent, the energy level is comfortable. Keep the electrodes until cessation of bleeding for about 5-15 minutes. If you continue applying the device, you will receive full recovery without any trace of the scar.

Stings. In this case the main problem is itching, possible edema and inflammation accompanied by high temperature. Apply the device to the troubled zone within the permanent mode and at a tolerable energy level. The duration is 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure, if required.

Injury of the capsular ligamentous system of the joint. Within the permanent mode at the maximum energy level heal the projection of the joint, the device being placed in the Injured area until cupping-off or pain relief. The duration Is 20-60 minutes. A serious injury requires immobilization (fixation) with a bandage or splint. The device should be applied repeatedly (the bandage should be removed if a plaster Is applied). The zone below and above the fixation Is healed. The results of the therapy are quick recovery of the injured area, minimal complications (contracture, ankylosis).

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pain relief, pain in the muscles, overstrain, relieves the pain and spasm, Injury of soft tissues, hematoma, burn, frostbite, bleeding (injury, cut), stings,  injury of the capsular ligamentous system of the joint