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Denas application for therapy of children’s psoriasis

Drozdova L.N., Tulenkova E.S., Timokhina L.A.

Skin diseases clinic,

Pediatric Academy

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Assessment of clinical efficiency of dynamic electro therapy (DENAS) for healing psoriasis of children in the age from 12 to 17 years was carried out in the skin diseases clinics of Saint-Petersburg Pediatric Academy.

The children were divided into two groups: main group included 20 persons; the control group included 15 persons. Children of the main group had basic therapy and DENAS; children of the control group had only basic therapy. Both groups included children with extensive psoriasis at the progressive stage. 70 % of patients in both groups had an accompanying diagnosis of biliary dyskinesia; 30 % of patients had chronic tonsillitis.

The main group had DENAS by the following methods: direct projection of the complaint - in the "therapy" mode at frequency 77 Hz, energy range (ER) 2, stable method of application during 10 minutes. Universal zones (the zone of posterior middle meridian, the zone of "consent points", and the zone of hands) were healed in the "test" mode - ER 2 with subsequent therapy of latent trigger zones (LTZ) in the "therapy" mode at frequency 77 Hz, ER 2. Immune zones: 7SP, projection zone of adrenal glands, he-gu zone were healed in the "therapy" mode at frequency 77 Hz, ER 2; projection zones of intestines and liver- in the "therapy" mode at frequency 77 Hz, ER 2. stable or labile method of application (in the absence of plates on the abdomen skin) during 15-20 minutes. Not more that 2-3 zones were healed during one procedure, therapy time -30-40 minutes. therapy course lasted 20-25 days. Psoriatic eruptions were healed with  "Malavtilin" cream before DENAS procedure.

When in the hospital, all children had basic therapy: 10 % solution of calcium gluconate I.M., vitamin therapy, hepatoprotectors, sorbents, external therapy (2 % salicylic ointment, Unna's cream, papaverine ointment, 5 % methyluracil cream). Children with universal skin affection had disintoxication therapy (I.V. drop-by-drop solutions of hemodesis and reamberine).

Patients of the main group had improvement of the general state of health by the 4th-5th day of therapy course: skin itch decreased, eruptions of new psoriatic papule stopped, other skin eruptions were flattened and bleached, desquamation of eruptions decreased.

In the control group, the same process dynamics was observed only after 16-17 days after therapy start. Patients of the main group with tonsillogenous psoriasis had successful (for the first time!!!) improvement of the process on skin without use of antibiotic therapy. One patient of the main group had a severe form of psoriasis exudativa with arthropathia. Starting from the first DENAS procedures, edema and joint painfulness were reduced considerably. This girl had therapy courses in our skin diseases clinic several times. However, it was this time when, in spite of accompanying psoriatic arthritis, improvement of the skin process came two times faster than usual.

Patients with DENAS electro therapy unlike patients of the control group had more pronounced increase of vitality and intensification of positive emotions and physical activities. Moreover, these children became more stable from the psychological point of view as compared with the control group. By the results of our research, in children having DENAS in complex therapy of psoriasis, stabilization of regress of the skin process begins within shorter terms, which reduces the period of staying in the hospital, improves life quality and makes the therapy process pleasant and comfortable.

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