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Denas-PCM-5 New 2015 year model

  • New improved chip inside;
  • New program "Baby doctor";
  • 24 preset treatment program;
  • Therapeutic frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz.  
  • Great number of treatment protocols with possibility to create individual treatment schemes

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"DENAS MS" Corporation is one of the leaders in Eastern Europe market of biofeedback devices for health. More than 2 millions DENAS devices were sold in Russia, CIS countries and Europe since 1998 - the year of establishment. Products of DENAS Corporation are represented in Russia, Europe and other countries – there are 15 branches and 116 distribution centers.

We have European, Russian and other certificates. Manufacture is approved by European quality standard "ISO 9001". Warranty period for Euro Denas and DiaDens devices - 24 months from the date of sale. "DENAS MS" has its own research center, production facility and other different departments.  

It should be noted that In Russia dynamic electro stimulation (which carries out with DENAS and DiaDENS devices) is a part of the  mainstream therapy and it is registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as an official independent method of therapy. It is taught in medical colleges as a separate discipline and may be pursued by  students as a major professional specialization. Read more

DENAS is acronym for "Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation". It is also well-known as Scenar technology. DENAS is method of impact on coverlet receptor system, on biologically active points, on sensitive afferent conductors in pain zones by very short-termed (400 mcs) neuron-like (bipolar) electroimpulses of low frequency (10 to 200 Hz) and low intensity (on average 200 to 400 mcA).

The therapeutic action of DENAS is based on reflex mechanisms actuated by stimulation of receptors in reflexogenic zones and acupuncture points. As a result, therapy with DiaDENS devices results in a chain of mechanism responses.

The Denas results in:

The Denas devices create prolonged and striking results. The Denas will heal you at home simultaneously with other methods of therapy, for example if you can’t stop taking medicine.

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How to restore health
without drugs
Main advantages of the Denas devices

1. The efficiency of Denas - therapy is proven;

2. The absolute guarantee safety;

3. The comfort diagnostics and therapy at home, portability, easiness of the use;

4. The  procedure of Denas therapy is absolutely painless;

5. No special medical education is required while applying the device.

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Free On-Line Trainings for Our Customers

Consultant - M.D., Certified Denas Doctor, Neurologist

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Denas Catalog of products 2016 year
Denas_Catalog-2015_EN_secure.pdf OPEN
Our new products

EBook “Practical Guide to Denas Therapy”


Published July 27, 2015

Contains information about DENAS-therapy, treatment zones, algorithms of work with DENAS-therapy device, standard schemes of electrical nerve stimulation therapy in a number of nosologic forms of diseases.

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* Every our customer gets English electronic version (pdf file) of this new Guide for free of charge and can print out it in high quality if he wants.

Denas Therapy Guide

New Denas-PCM-5 + Dens-Applicators

$US 560.00


DiaDens-PCM-3 full English + Massage Electrodes

$US 599.00

New Denas-T-3 +  Denas-Reflexo

$US 474.00


New Denas-3 +  Dens-Glasses

$US 453.00